A Fine Girl

Artist: Darcy McKinnon & Biliana Grozdanova
New Orleans, LA

A FINE GIRL is a documentary short by Darcy McKinnon & Biliana Grozdanova following Brandi Jarrow, a transgender woman of color in New Orleans. At 27 years old, Brandi is a successful hairstylist, a woman of faith, and a valued member of her community. While many documentaries focusing on queer people revolve around the trials and tribulations of being an LGBTQ POC, A FINE GIRL is an optimistic portrait of a thriving woman in a Deep South community that embraces her. We meet Brandi as someone who is essential to the community in which she lives, and the film then poses the question, what could we be as a community if we extended the same grace to everyone regardless of their identity? The film will track Brandi’s journey to open a luxury salon in New Orleans, while showcasing her communities of family, faith and friendship that help her continue to drive to success.

Award Amount: $5000